# Coin

# NAYM coin

The Token is powered by platform commissions (fees):

  • Fees are collected when a premium is paid and when a trade is settled. A portion of these fees are divided among users of the system and Nayms, Ltd. , and a portion is used to fund the token mechanism which consists of:
  • the Nayms Discretionary Fund (NDF).
  • the Staking Mechanism (STM)
  • the Surplus Sub Fund (SSF) Fees that are allocated to the token mechanism are divided between the STM and the NDF.

The STM allows external owners of NAYM to stake their assets in exchange for the portion of the Fees that the STM receives, paid as a dividend.

The NAYM coin is an ERC20 contract to enable use outside the ecosystem. It is implemented as a facet of the application.

The Nayms Discretionary Fund (NDF) is a pool of NAYM coin and other ERC20 tokens that are collected by the platform as fees and can be used as a backstop to pay out unforeseen losses. It is also used to regulate the supply of NAYM. The equilibrium ratio is defined as the optimum ratio of the value of NAYM vs other funds held in the NDF. The NDF is initially funded by NAYM coin. To maintain the equilibrium ratio Nayms administrators are allowed to either:

  • issue a token sale from the NDF. This mechanism sells NAYM tokens at a discount to the market price that is provided by an oracle of a liquidity pool on Uniswap V3.
  • convert a portion of any owned asset to NAYM and transfer to the SSF, that in turn pays out NAYM as user rewards.

The SSF only holds NAYM and issues NAYM as a reward in the form of a dividend to owners of Cell tokens (capital providers) on the Nayms platform. The reward is a multiple of the fees that are collected by the Cell receives as premium payments.