# Entities

An Entity can be an insured party, an underwriter, a broker, a claims administrator or a cell. A cell is a type of entity that issues and manages a portfolio of Policies. All user actions are performed on behalf of entities.


  • can be tokenized
  • can own and trade tokens of other entities
  • can have dividends paid to the owners of their internal token
  • can issue dividends to the owners of their internal token themselves

Users belonging to entities can perform the following actions on policies, on behalf of their Entity, depending on the role their entity has on the policy:

  • approve a Policy (off-chain signature)
  • issue a policy
  • pay a premium
  • make a claim
  • approve/settle a claim

The types of entities are:

  • Capital Provider
  • Broker
  • Underwriter
  • Insured Party Functionality differs in the app depending on Entity type byt not on chain.